Online service for recording clients via chatbots of popular messengers: instagram, whatsapp, telegram
By recording clients through direct, the site is highly likely to lose a client. We suggest you start accepting entries via messenger bots. This method will remove routine processes from the administrator, free up time for work and increase customer loyalty. ROQLZ - be always close to the client.
Features from ROQLZ
  • Online recording 24/7
    Collect applications from all channels so as not to lose a single client
  • Schedule under control
    Записи со всех каналов попадают в единую базу. Уведомления и напоминания о событиях.
  • Simple payment
    Automate the acceptance of payments: through the cashier or to the card (without commission)
  • Loyalty system
    Connect subscriptions, promocodes, gift certificates.
  • Customer base
    All customer history is stored in one place. Each client will receive an individual approach.
  • Mailing
    Tell your customers about your promotions and limited offers.
  • Referral program
    The best advertisement is word of mouth. Your clients will bring you new clients.
  • Alerts
    A reminder to the client about the visit about the event, a plan for the day / week for employees.
  • Branch management
    Add new branches to the program and control everything in one system.
Write to us and start accepting call records via chatbots
Areas of application
Beauty industry
Barbershop, beauty salon, SPA, private master, tattoo, solarium, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails.
Dentistry, veterinary medicine, psychotherapy, diagnostic center, consultations.
Sports Section, Dance Studio, Tennis and Squash, Swimming pool, Yoga, Private Master, Box.
Multidisciplinary courses, Tutor.
Massage parlour, quests, sauna, bowling.
Your field of activity
We will connect it in 1 day
We will enable you to receive customer records via chatbots in 1 day. Just write to us in telegram.